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Adding good affiliate programs to your auto-emails and marketing funnel is a good way to create cash-flow.  These will also rank up your marketing along with increasing your lead and customer value. In this article, we’ll be exploring the many benefits of Affiliate Programs and why there are key to successful marketing.  

I will be sharing my Topmost Affiliate Programs that are part of my marketing funnel. These generate cash-flow while giving value to my list.     

Before going further, let me make it clear how Affiliate Marketing can generate cash-flow along with increasing lead and customer value.  This is something you need to know and learn to do if you want to be successful with your marketing.   

Affiliate Marketing is the KEY to Cash-Flow  

 Whatever your niche; be a consultant, coach, service provider, course creator, or anyone involved in online marketing, will need to generate cash-flow.  These Topmost affiliate programs are ideal for any online marketing niche.
Learning how to use Affiliate Marketing will help enormously in boosting your Average Lead & Customer Value.

By introducing affiliate offers to your automated emails you’re generating more cash-flow from the same number of leads.  This helps to boost up your advertising without further expenses. This is referred to as  “Zero-cost Ad strategy”    

Affiliate Program blog

At some point, you should think of doing ads, especially when you lean to do with little or no expense. This is the fastest way to get results and earn some money.  Even if you just use free marketing methods to promote your business it’s wise to increase your cash-flow from the same leads you have already generated. Otherwise, you are not gaining a fair return on your efforts.  

Simply adding various affiliate offers into your automated emails is the fastest way to increase your cash-flow with the same leads you have already generated. Make sense doesn’t it!

This is how the Top Marketers Operate

The top marketer use affiliate marketing this way and is the secret behind online success. By using affiliate marketing to earn more cash-flow with the same leads and marketing efforts, gives them the resources they need to spend on ads that create more engagement.  

This engagement gives them more results from the same time invested.    This free up their time to work on their projects, improving their content, which in turn brings better results.  Becoming easier to get results, increases confidence in furthering your potential.   

Freeing yourself financially allows greater self-creative expression

Some don’t use social media but use it instead to escalate their ads, which drives growth to their email list. Since those emails link to offers, it drives sales and cash-flow!  Whichever way, big on social media or through ads, using affiliate marketing to boost cash-flow, is indeed the key to marketing!!   

The main point is… you can do this and must do it if you want to be successful. Otherwise, you can spend lots of time and money that bring minimal results. This was my mistake until I used Affiliate Marketing!!

The Secret Behind Successful Marketors

Most top marketers use affiliate programs to support their business while adding further income streams. If you heard of Bob Proctor, he speaks of “Multiple Streams of income”  Apparently other great names in marketing from Brendon Burchard to Tony Robbins… they all make enough money to be able to market properly.

Using Affiliate Marketing to Create Multiple Streams of Income

I’m a great fan of Bob Proctor and when I’ve heard him talk about multiple streams of income, I often wondered how?  Now I understand it comes about through affiliate marketing.  This is how most successful online entrepreneurs got there. We increase our cash-flow by putting affiliate offers in our auto-emails even on the same number of leads. We can extend our influence on social media and with our lead capture pages with this extra cash-flow.     

Some top marketers go about achieving multiple streams of automated income by creating their own programs and products. However, this can take many years and lots of cash to achieve, so it’s not a great starting point.


MOST successful marketers, particularly early on, share affiliate programs within their auto-email sequence to set-up multiple streams of income, therefore, they don’t have to create all the offers themselves.

Successful Markers begin by adding Affiliate Programs to their auto-emails sequence. This sets up multiple sources of income while they work on their own stuff and building their business. Cash-flow is the oil that keeps your business going and growing. This is the first thing you need to put in place, creating a sound foundation for your business.      

The Affiliate Programs You Choose Must Be Valuable

You need to introduce affiliate programs that will be valuable to your list. The offers must help your audience toward their goals.  When you know you are sharing quality tools and programs it adds confidence in promotion them. You will also gain trust and they are more likely to buy other products that you recommend.

This Is Building a Firm Foundation for your business as you share helpful affiliate offers, which will increase your customer’s value, long term!!

Sharing helpful Affiliate Offers Will Increase Your Long-term Customer Value!

You can Understand Why

 When they benefit from something you recommend, they are more likely to purchase from you again. Therefore adding affiliate programs will increase long-term sales on other offers you share.

You need to start to think like an entrepreneur, your online efforts going forward.  Look at ways to increase what you earn per lead, per customer.

 It’s all about strategy!!!

 The task is to set things up to generate more and more cash flow without investing more time. This you can do with Affiliate Marketing

When You Increasing Your Lead Value It Also Increasing Your Monthly Income

The more you can add to your funnel with affiliate programs, the more you can earn per lead.   This will include auto-email sequences, exit pop-ups, and at the end of a check-out process (This you can learn as you move along, so don’t get overwhelmed)

Its a question of setting things up to generate more and more cash flow without investing more time.

You Need To Select a Range Affiliate Programs in Different Price Brackets 

You will find my Topmost Affiliate Programs are LOW TICKET programs (meaning, they don’t pay a lot), however, they do provide a lot of value to your audience who buy them. This builds trust and increases the likelihood they will buy again. Other affiliate programs in my list are HIGH TICKET, meaning they pay a lot of commission. These are chosen for the high value they provide for your list.

By signing up as an affiliate with any of the programs below, you can earn significant commissions. Most of these are free to register with and allow you to generate commissions without purchasing the product. However, you still need to research the product and believe in its value.  Others require you to purchase before you can become an affiliate so you’ve experienced the program you’re recommending.

The point is that you want to generate cash flow and get control over increasing it. If you can do that, you are in the driving seat and can write your own ticket.  Without this, it’s doubtful of being successful.

So Let’s Begin and put you in the Driving Seat……

Here Are My Topmost Affiliate Programs

All the Affiliate Programs below I recommend to my list. They give value by being useful resouce for any type of business. Most are the best on the market!

If you’d like to purchase any of these, I’ve included links so that you can learn more about each resource. If you do purchase any of the tools or resources from there, reach out and let me know because there may be additional resources I can give to you after purchasing a resource through one of my links. Email: and my team will get back to you.

Affiliate Programs

1. Profit Platform – This Is Where You Can Learn Everything You Need To know about Lead Generation & Affiliate Cashflow

Profit Platform is the one I’m using to learn all the ins and out about marketing for success. I love it and thoroughly recommend it! It’s a complete system that includes all the marketing funnel components you’ll need to start automating your marketing, lead generation, and sale commissions. It not only provides all this but shows you how to customize it, making it unique to you! Therefore putting YOU in control This is new and will become revolutionary to the market industry. If you’re new to marketing or struggling to figure it all out, you need to look into this!

Become an Affiliate of Profit Platform here.

Learn more about Profit Platform here.

Affiliate programs

2. Kartra – The All-in-One Marketing System

Kartra is the latest marketing platform that includes all the bells and whistles you need for your marketing progress. With everything in one place, including an email system, marketing funnels, tracking abilities you’ll need nothing else. It’s free to become an affiliate with Kartra and you will have no problem promoting it when you see how great it is!!!

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate with Kartra

Learn more about Kartra as an All-In-One Marketing Platform

3. You Can Begin With An Affiliate Starter Blog

The Affiliate Starter Blog is great is for those on a Budget. You can get a Word Press blog, like this one, set up for you where you can learn how to use it to post your own content. You’ll also learn about search engine optimization), SEO. Starting small to learn the ropes is the first big step to generating an affiliate commission income stream online.

Blog and classes cost only $99.

Pays $20* affiliate commission.
* There are more significant commissions in the upsell process

Learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog

4. ClickMagick This Is A Tracking & Optimization System

Affiliate Program blog

ClickMagick -Is a tracking tool that shows where your leads are coming from. It also helps to split- test, increases your lead value and to hit your targets. If you are using Kartra you won’t need ClickMagick because Kartra is an all-in-one system that has this function. Learn more about ClickMagick here.

Become an affiliate of ClickMagick free here, so you can receive a commission referring it to others.

5. Aweber – Email Marketing

Aweber – is a good email system that sets up auto-emails to your entire list. Email marketing is where you build up your list. It allows you to build relationships and brand recognition, further educate your email subscribers, and promote events and sales. And with the right tools and support at your fingertips, you can achieve all of that – no design or coding experience needed! Aweber can also connect to your lead capture page, which you can set up on your blog.

If you’re using Kartra you won’t need Aweber because Kartra comes with a robust email system and has the best email deliverability rates in the industry. But if you do not have Kartra, you’ll want your own email system to send follow-up emails to your list.

Learn more about Aweber’s Affiliate Program

Learn more about Aweber (I can send them to a blog page explaining more)

6. Upviral – Viral Marketing for 100x Leads at Same Cost

Affiliate Program blog

Upviral – Use viral marketing to explode the number of leads you generate. This is a Low-cost, powerful tool to add to your lead forms that can exponentially increase lead results at the same cost.

Learn more about Upviral Product (need to connect with a page here)

Learn more about Upviral Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program blog

Zoom – Zoom is a fantastic tool for doing webinars with slides or with video or to use for group video meetings or one-on-one. It’s fast and easy to use and has a great reputation in the marketing industry.

Learn more about Zoom product

Learn more about Zoom Affiliate program

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is great for hiring designers or assistants on a number of needs. This is a very low-cost option that can create content articles or re-write scripts for others to use on their YouTube marketing videos. From logo to any tech work. Fiverr is good to use when on a budget, and they do a great job!

Sign up with Fiverr free to use the service

After signing up for a free account at the link directly above, go to the link below to become an affiliate of Fiverr.

*Go here to become a Fiverr affiliate

9. VisitingHost: Better than BlueHost if you Want to be Billed Monthly

VisitingHost is an excellent hosting service at a better price than BlueHost.

If you’re going to have your own blog (or already do), you need to host it somewhere.

VisitingHost offers the best option for those who don’t want to commit to a yearly plan. Billed monthly at $3.99/mo.

Get visiting host to host your blog

10. Chatbot

Chatbot (coming soon).

11. Predictable Cashflow Pro

Predictable Cashflow Pro (coming soon)

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