How To Use A Proven Marketing Strategy To Increase Your Sales

Marketing Strategy

Lead generation and sales automation is an important part of the marketing strategy I shared in You can market anything Now we will be looking into this important part of the strategy which you need to understand.

Most businesses are looking for ways to increase their sales. This will correspond to an increase in profits, allowing you to consider expanding the business. However, proven marketing strategies to increase sales can be very difficult to find. In some cases, you could be wasting thousands of dollars each year on techniques that don’t work. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. As we’ll discuss, there is one guaranteed way of increasing your sales. This will work with all kinds of products and services, in all areas of business. This is called sales generation and automation. Though it sounds complex, it’s easy to apply and master. Let’s start by looking at an example from a real business to see its impact.  

Case Study: Mike, How He Learned The Marketing Strategy

A few years ago, Mike put out his first product. Getting it onto the market, he was so excited and wanted to increase his sales. To do this, he took out a range of advertisements. As he was doing this, he recalled some advice that he had received in his younger years. This advice suggested that you only need to put out one good classified ad. If it works well, or even breaks even, you should go on to publish it in all the magazines and newspapers that you can find. After making some tweaks, he finally found an ad that worked. Deciding to follow the advice he had received in his earlier years, he put it into hundreds of publications. The results were surprising.

The ad worked, generating sales. However, they weren’t as large as he was expecting. The income he received, though, was enough to prove that this method could lead to long-term success if he could find a way to perfect it. What he did by taking this approach was to build a strong base of customers who trusted him. They liked the products that he supplied and he was able to build a personal connection with them. (This is the art of business marketing)  Over this time, he learned that you don’t need to make a large profit selling your first products. The key is adding multiple products and services, which your customers can choose from. The more offers you can give to your customers, the more they will be willing to buy. By learning this valuable lesson, Mike has been able to earn a healthy wage and achieve strong business growth. This has provided him with financial freedom. Since then, the internet has made this dream achievable for a wider range of people.

How To Sell With Automation Technology

The internet will allow you to make this process automatic, increasing your sales in a short space of time. Because of this, you will be able to achieve financial freedom using this marketing strategy very easily. In addition, it will work with all types of businesses. Also, it will work on a range of platforms. For example, you can present your offers via Webinar, using YouTube, Facebook or Kartra  But if this is the case, why do so many people struggle?

The Key Is Cashflow

One of the areas that people fail to understand is the importance of cash flow. You need to be earning some money to be able to sustain your marketing and to keep your business afloat. You need to generating cash-flow from the start to cover business expenses.

The best way to do this is by tracking how much you earn per each lead. A lead is another term for a customer. Once you know this, you will be able to increase the amount that each lead is producing. By doing this you will be able to make a zero-cost marketing strategy, where the sales cover the marketing costs. The only way to do this is by monitoring your current lead figures. If you aren’t doing this, you are working blind. So, use these techniques to improve your marketing and increase your sales.

Taking Control Of What You Earn!

Without using Cashflow Optimization and not tracking your lead value, you will find it difficult to be successful.

Here’s a snapshot taken from a class my business partners created that lists out these Cashflow Optimization steps. These are the 5 ways to increase your lead value so you can take control of what you earn.

To be able to implement this you need a marketing funnel system as we talked about in the previous article. I suggest using Kartra as your tool-of-choice because it has everything you need all in one place.

In our next article, we’ll delve deeper into how you track your lead value and then incrementally increase what you earn with Cashflow Optimization.

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