How Money Is Made From Marketing Systems

Marketing Systems

In this article, we’ll be looking into how real money is made through marketing systems. We’ll talk about affiliate, network and done for you systems that promise easy money.

Let’s be clear…..

You can make money if you continually provide value to folks on social media or on those on your list with auto-emails. When you earn trust you’re able to sell quality tools and systems that you recommend….. because they have got to know and trust you.

If you’ve not been providing real value on a consistent bases then you can’t expect to make sales on new products or opportunities. Your business has to be built from knowing and trusting you.

Ready-Made Marketing Systems 

You often come across done for you marketing systems that tell you just to write a post or do some advertising with their product. This, they say, would grow your list and get sales on autopilot.  The problem is they usually don’t do a good job of cultivating a relationship on autopilot. And most often, they are too “hyped up” to establish trust with a new relationship. Therefore they will only appeal to those who already know the person who is personally recommending it. This is why they work for some but not for others.   

Some Marketing Systems are set up to Build Relationships, but not with You!    

These systems build a relationship with the one who created it, but not you. With this scenario, you may have some short-term success, but you’re setting yourself up to fail. Here’s why…..   

Most of the money is made at the back-end.  This is where sales come from other products, like affiliate programs and marketing tools. This is part of a successful strategy called Cash-flow Optimization This only works if YOU are relationship building through automation with your leads. Most systems don’t do this because it’s too difficult for them to get you dialed into the process.

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It’s absolutely fine if you use a system that someone else designed. From your own promotions, you will need to build a relationship between the systems presenter and your leads to gain more commission.

However, this is an important point!                

You need to be the person who is introducing the system and the one who will be building the relationship with them through automating progress. You need to build a foundation of Trust, so they buy more offers from you going forward. That’s how you develop a significant income (multiple income streams on auto-pilot).    

This is how you win and be successful.

  First Things First

The first thing you need to do is to set up an automation where you are building relationships with your new leads. Then you can direct them into the system you’re promoting.

Another part of the strategy is called Cashflow Optimization. This allows you to increase your Average Lead Value (what you earn per lead). It’s an essential part of the Online Success Strategy that you must follow if you’re want to make serious money.

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To Summarize:

You must be automating the process of building relationships with those on the list you’re building.

You have to be the one introducing the system and person they will be hearing from.

You have to be providing value in some form over time to your list so they buy more offers from you going forward. That’s how you develop a significant income (multiple income streams on auto-pilot).

This is where you make the big money.

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