How Affiliate Marketing Can Turn Your Business Into A Cash-Flowing Machine

Affiliate Marketing

Although I had heard about Affiliate Marketing, I never really took it on-board, because I thought this was for the big earners in marketing who had enormous lists of potential leads. Little did I realize that Affiliate marketing helps you to get paid while you build your list.  Let me share with you why you need to become an affiliate marketer.            

Affiliate Marketing is the Key to Cash-Flow

Cash-flow is the oil that keeps your business moving, along with a continual stream of quality leads who are interested in what you have to offer. Affiliate marketing does both these things; in fact, every business needs to have this in place as its foundation to generate cash-flow, even if it’s just to break even on business expenses.  Many businesses fail because they don’t learn how to generate cash-flow from the start.

Affiliate Marketing Pays Your Advertising Cost 

You can build your list through free marketing methods through social media, but this takes time and you still have your business cost to maintain. Paid advertising is a quicker way to generate leads but this needs money. It all boils down to Time and Money!  Affiliate Marketing provides the cash-flow for paid advertising, which is something you need to do if you’re serious about making your business a success.     

Affiliate Marketing Pays To Build Your List

By using affiliate marketing you can begin to make a profit, or at least breaking even before you ever presented what you’re actually selling. Your product or field of service may need to go on hold just until your affiliate marketing is set up to generate cash-flow and build your list which will be doing this simultaneously.  

This is how it works:     

You find an affiliate network like Click Bank or JVZoo, or one of the other affiliate networks Choose a product that is related to what you sell, something you know is good and will be helpful to your list. It’s best to do research, so you can feel confident in recommending it. I will introduce you to a few of mine in which you can earn a commission later.  

You then create an ad campaign that targets an audience that is interested in the affiliate product you selected. This can be on any ad network like YouTube, Google or Facebook.  

The ad takes people to a lead capture page, where a video or blog lets prospects know what problem you can help them solve if they enter their email. This then takes them into your marketing funnel. 

Ideally, you’ll send them to a landing page where you offer some value and start to build the relationship. But the ultimate goal is to quickly recommend the affiliate product that already has a high converting sales page so you can start generating commissions ASAP.

You can continually use this model by offering additional affiliate offers to your list through automated emails. This will increase the revenue generated on each lead, thus your Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value goes way up. Now you can present your own business’s offers or service to your audience. This is how to turn a struggling business into a cash-flow machine. 

We call this a system for predictable cashflow.

Putting into practice what I am preaching, here are two affiliate links that I thoroughly recommend.

The first is Karta, which is an all-in-one platform with all the bells and whistles you need for successful marketing. It also pays a good commission on its affiliate link. Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

The second one is a blog that can be built for you and show you how to generates free leads. We’ll Build You a Blog for $99 and Show You How to Generate Free Leads!

If you’re struggling with your marketing business you may not have the time or resources to put all that together in the short run. The model I just described is a faster solution.

If you want to learn more about all this from a unique done-for-you system that puts you in full control

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You will never look back!!!!

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