Hello, I’m Lucinda and Welcome to my blog

My marketing journey began because I wanted to make money from something I believed in and loved to do.  Therefore I had to learn to market!  The internet has made it possible for anyone to market their skills, produced or service. Therefore I began in with a passion for my subject along with enthusiastic naivety.

Entering the marketing world was literally like opening a new door in my life. Any new growth represents a challenge and for me, it was a massive one!!! I cannot describe the amount of frustration I went through, as I went round and round in circles trying to put all the nuts and bolts together. Now, I have never been quick on the uptake, in fact, I am a slow learner, but I do have a dogged determination to succeed. This trait, however, can create frustration, which it certainly did for me!! 

New Age Marketing is focused on sharing information, supporting and giving value to others. I understood, believed and was aligned with this basic concept, therefore I had no problem apply it. There are lots of experts who teach methods of how to do it all, along with different platforms, systems, and tools.   I spent thousands on different schemes, learn a lot but still struggled to make my marketing flow.

My Biggest Mistake                    

It’s through experience that we learn, (usually the hard way), and in hindsight, we realize our mistakes, and yes I certainly see mine!!  The thing is I did not build a firm foundation to sustain my marketing efforts ……..and I did not learn about the successful strategy of marketing. I say this to help those who are struggling with their marketing and those who are beginning or thinking of starting. I have LEARNED from my mistakes, this is how we grow, so keep reading and learn how to market with a firm foundation.

My Mentor who can also be Yours!

Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg were my first teachers through a marketing system called Renegade. I liked Mike’s energy and his detailed teaching; he labors each point so you understand it, which is great for someone like me! I think  Renegade changed or closed, anyhow, I left to learn and build my website.

However, and this is a testament of a successful marketer, when emails came from Mike Klingler I would always open them because I knew he would be sharing something interesting and of value. This is how you build a list!!

Coming Full Circle    

Late last year Mike and his partner Robyn Linn brought out a new marketing system called Profit Platform  This is a unique system because although everything is done for you, alongside teaching successful marketing strategy, it’s emphasis is putting you in the system. It’s you who is in control, your brand, your marketing system.  You are literally building a firm foundation for any business idea, product or service. Mike and Robyn have become my mentors and they can become yours (Click here for details) Believe me you will not find two more genuine teachers who not only share all their knowledge and wisdom but help you to build your marketing funnel.

Although I wish Profit Platform had been about years ago, I guess I had to go through this large learning curve to appreciate how special Profit Platform is.   This marketing system has evolved from the wisdom and the desire to teach others the marketing strategy that all top markers use to become successful.     I am part of Mike and Robyn’s team and we do everything in our power to help you build a successful business.   

The information I share on my blog posts are there to help and guide you into learning how to market the right way. By building a firm foundation for cash-flow that supported your business.  You will begin to earn as you learn.     

If you are wondering what my passion is, its Astrology, and no it’s not predicting the future and nothing like the newspaper rubbish. The astrology I practice is psychology-based and is very much geared toward self-awareness and the fulfilling of one’s potential.

Astrology was another new door that opened in my life back in 1992. I love and believe in the subject because it connected me back to my Soul and Spirit. When you connect with your true essence and power, life takes on a different glow. Although marketing began as a necessity, my interest as grown and I have come to enjoy it. I am a student and seeker at heart and Astrology feeds my soul.  However, being practical whatever your passion, product or service, you will have to learn to Market!!   

For anyone who could be struggling with their marketing or a beginner looking to market their business; there are three things that will guarantee success.

*Profit  Platform. A done-for-you marketing system that puts you in the driving seat

* Kartra.  An all-in-one platform that has all your business needs covered.

* The Will and Desire to Succeed.