ClickMagick A Tracking Tool For Effective Marketing

To make money online you need a Success Strategy. This is a classic strategy that all successful marketers use. Tracking leads and sales conversions are part of the process for effective marketing, this is where a tool like Clickmagic comes in.

To be clear, if you focus entirely on selling affiliate products you can’t track sales conversions because affiliate sales pages aren’t in your control. Therefore you’re unable to place a tracking pixel on those pages. You can only track sales conversions if you sell your own products or services.

So if you sell affiliate products (and not your own products or services), you will only track lead conversions. But that’s vitally important to making great money in affiliate marketing.

This is where ClickMagick is Useful

 ClickMagick will help you to track and optimize your online marketing like a pro.  By placing a tracking pixel on your landing page, for example (the page a person lands on after they opt into your email list), it is able to tell you how well a particular lead capture page is working in comparison to others you may be testing. ClickMagick is a tool specifically designed to help you track how effective a marketing campaign is working. This also allows you to know where your leads are coming from.

When marketing on YouTube or Facebook, you’ll know what is and isn’t working so you’ll know where to put more of your time and effort.

If You’re Using Kartra You’ll Not Need ClickMagick

You really only need ClickMagick if you’re using a blog to house your marketing funnel system. If you’re using Kartra as your marketing system it will have all the tracking tools you need. That’s why they call Kartra the all-in-one solution.

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