Earn As You Learn With An Affiliate Starter Blog

Affiliate Starter Blog

An affiliate starter blog is something you will need if you want to generate leads and to optimize a free traffic strategy. If you’re a beginner or you want to learn how to market like a pro this blog set up will be ideal for you. You will literally be earning as you learn.         

Thousands of people are making full-time incomes online with affiliate marketing. An affiliate blog is a good starting point to learn how to generate income.

Learn more about cashflow Marketing.

The Affiliate Blog is a Great Deal!

Not only will an affiliate blog be set up for you, but you will also get our step-by-step classes that walk you through how to post your own content. From the classes, you will also learn how to generate free traffic using SEO (search engine optimization).   This is an important step to learn in generating affiliate commissions online.

All this for only $99!!!       

You’ll also need a domain name and to pay for hosting because this is YOUR blog and website. A domain name is usually around $10 per year and hosting is just $23.88 per year or $3.99 per month.

Learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog

If you Purchase the Affiliate Starter Blog…

You’ll get your blog within 3-7 days of submitting your domain name and answering some simple questions like what topic you want your blog to be about. We’ll even help you figure that out if you’re not sure where to begin.

You’ll see how to easily post content, find affiliate offers on Clickbank (and elsewhere, such as other affiliate programs listed on this page that are not found on Clickbank).

We’ll show you how to put links in your blogs that earn affiliate commissions. You’ll also learn how to duplicate the same free lead generation process by using SEO to drive traffic to your blog for free. It will not be just any traffic, but the sort that wants to buy what you’re selling.

The Affiliated Blog is a Great Way to Start    

This is great starting point in learning how to generate traffic and cash-flow. It’s also an inexpensive way to learn the ropes. If you want to carry on and add to your website lead capture and landing pages that function as a marketing funnel, you’ll be able to upgrade with all these features.

In fact, if you purchase the blog you’ll see a presentation on how you can upgrade. You’ll get our help to turn your blog into a marketing system that generates an email list and where we even give you the content to provide value to that list as well as on your blog, with the same affiliate offers we use already added in!

Learn more about purchasing the Starter Blog and start generating free leads to drive into your affiliate offers (or other offers) using SEO.

When you purchase the Starter blog, you don’t just get the blog, you’ll learn how to use it to generate leads and cashflow!

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